ingrid-portrait-6x9As an environmental artist I love sharing messages from Spirit and the Natural World to reconnect you to the sacred energy that surrounds us. I also believe in giving back through my work. For each Eco Heart Oracle deck and Hunters of the Dream print book sold a tree will be planted, creating a connection between you and the natural world. Five percent of all other sales will also go towards planting trees in the Eco Heart Forest Project.


Hello! My name is Ingrid and I’m an artist and founder of Eco Heart Design.

I’m so pleased and honoured that you’re here! Welcome.

I’ve been an artist, creator and idea person ever since I can remember. I love language, whether it’s visual, written or music. My Dad says that I was born talking and asking questions. I’m quieter now but I love communicating and sharing ideas about our connections to the world around us.

I was a graphic designer before I returned to school as a single parent and completed a BFA and MFA in Fine Art. I loved being a designer, but I was convinced that I didn’t come here to design ad and marketing campaigns for the rest of my life. (Ironic that I now create what could be called ’ads’ for Spirit, the natural world, the Earth.)

In my practice as an environmental artist I work with the natural world and site energies to create work that connects people to sites and their stored memories and messages. I work with dreams, deep intuition…and magic.

I created the Eco Heart Oracle based on some of the experiences I had working with Spirit and Nature. The Oracle guides the characters in The Hunters of the Dream, a fantasy trilogy about a young girl who has to find the courage to step into her calling as the Huntress of the Dream and save the world - past, present and future - from an elusive dark energy.

Everything that I do connects and intertwines with all of the work I’ve created, am creating, will create.

I love planting trees and carry a dream of replanting forests for the future. I love designing and creating art. One day I had the crazy idea that maybe I could combine the two. I believe in the magic that we can create when we come together with intent and wonderment. I invite you to join me.

With every purchase you make from the Eco Heart Design shop you are helping to plant trees. What a beautiful way to give back to the natural world. What a beautiful way for you to create an energetic connection to the Earth.

It’s important to me that my work creates opportunities for others. The clothing, device cases and pillows that I design and sell are specially handmade by Canadians using eco friendly materials. They are paid fair wages, so you can feel good about buying products not made in a sweatshop.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Love and Light,


PS: You can view some of my art projects at:

Photo Credit: Cindy Sleeman

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