Bone from the River

Bone From The River is a site specific sculpture based on the river site at the bottom of Gallagher’s Canyon below Byron’s Farm in Kelowna. 

After an early fall rainstorm the creek swelled and began to move logs and debris that had been trapped on the edges of the creek through the summer. One morning this twelve foot log was found at the site and transported back to the studio to dry out.

During the first few days in the studio seeds that had been trapped in the split surface sprouted and turned certain areas of the log green – testimony to it’s continued life, no longer as a tree, but as the supporter of new life. In an attempt to honour not only the life of the tree, but also its continuation in the cycle of birth and decay a steel holder was built to cradle it.

The steel holder was anchored directly into the cement floor and did not pierce the log in anyway – the log was held in place through balance.

OUC Gallery, Kelowna, BC, 1997