Chantry is an installation that occupies approximately 1,000 square feet and utilizes a video projector which projects images, from the site by the river, at the floor, of Gallagher’s Canyon, onto the far back wall of the installation space. 

The video is approximately two hours long and documents the site through a spring storm: wind, hail, rain and thunder – the video is in real time with no edits. These video images of the site through different weather conditions are brought to the viewer along with natural materials which were collected during the 
storm and put into old glass jars. 

The eleven jars stand at the far end of the installation space and hold pine needles, beaver chewed sticks, decomposing wood, pinecones, moss, earth, pine boughs, leaves, roots, stones and water from the river. Rows of these natural materials begin at the outer edge of the space inviting and leading the viewer to walk into, and through, the space to examine the jars themselves.

Site Specific Installation, Kelowna, British Columbia, 1998