Memory Box II: An Installation

Memory Box II is a site specific installation based upon the original and much smaller Memory Box.

This installation occupies approximately 2,500 square feet and utilizes two 16mm projectors which project looping images from old films onto the two 20′ x 11′ HT plastic walls.

A plinth that holds magnifying glasses stands outside of the entrance way and invites viewers to investigate the interior.

Natural materials were gathered from the banks of the river that runs through Gallaghers Canyon. The floor of the interior installation space is covered with forest floor material along with young trees and branches that were found dumped at the site.

Once inside, the viewer is aware of not only the sound of birds, recorded at the site, but also of the smells of the forest and upon close examination moth cocoons can be seen suspended along the upper edges of the ceiling. The sound of live crickets can be heard from under the trees and branches.

Memory Box II: An Installation, Kelowna, BC, 1998