Reflecting Circle

Reflecting Circle was created specifically for the Link exhibition at the Nickle Arts Museum, taking into account the name of the exhibition as well as the sites involved. The circle archetype is found world-wide and represents the cycle of life, of wholeness. The earth, moon and sun are circles, the seasons circle into each other and we are all connected to the circle of life. 

The stone circle on the floor is made of 45 stones gathered near a sacred site along the Belly River in Southern Alberta. The stones reflect the colour of the land found along the river, and for that matter, southern Alberta. Some of them seem to have drawings on them while others could almost be impressions of footprints. While gathering the stones I was thinking about how we are all connected to the land, to the earth, and how each stone represents millions of years of land memories.

Reflected on the wall is a circle made of natural materials gathered at the Aspen Grove, a site found on the University of Calgary campus. It reflects the stone circle in size and number of elements – there are 45 vials of water holding natural materials gathered from the site.

The two circles speak of the interconnectivity of all life – natural materials will eventually decompose and build up and over millennia become stone. Stone will eventually break down to become soil needed to grow plants. All follow the great circle.

This piece also speaks of my personal journey as an artist, of coming full circle.

Viewers were encouraged to leave the 
Nickle Arts Museum to visit the Aspen Grove site on 24th Avenue.

Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, AB, 2002