Site Frames: Alberta

In the Site Frames: Alberta series of works viewers are presented with a wide range of information from, and based upon, specific sites that I have chosen — or perhaps have chosen me.

Photographs, video projection, topographic maps, aerial photographs, GPS (Global Satellite Positioning) readings, natural site materials, stereoscopic glasses, slides, microscopes, magnifying glasses all work together to bring the viewer a clearer understanding of a site than could be presented with a photograph alone.

Hopefully viewers will explore, become curious and begin to contemplate the natural world around them and their part in it.

The aerial photographs can be viewed with the stereoscopic glasses found with each piece – they should be held approximately 3 to 5 inches away from the aerial photographs (on the the right-hand side) and will allow a 3-D representation of the site and surrounding area.

Little Gallery, University of Calgary, AB 2000