Viewfinder: Kelowna

The Viewfinder Project is a site specific ephemeral project located at Byron’s Farm on the west side of Gallagher’s Canyon in Kelowna, British Columbia. The work begins with a viewfinder at the west site and looks across approximately one to one and half miles of canyon to the east side where the spiral images are located.

In an attempt to bridge the space between two sites, the viewfinder and spiral are constructed from materials found on both sides of the canyon.

The view from the east side site. Gallagher’s Canyon, looks west to the site at Byron’s Farm where the viewfinder is located (arrow in photo points to west site).

A band of stainless steel installed on the pole at the east location catches the glinting sun through the viewfinder and acts as a signalling device to invite viewers to investigate.

The stone spiral, at the east site, was an intuitive response to the site and was made from stones gathered from both sides of the canyon.

Site Specific Ephemeral, Kelowna, BC, 1997