waiting For Spring

Waiting for Spring was created in response 
to the winter-nearly-spring season during a six-week residency.

The natural materials in glass containers, on the table, were gathered from the ground, under trees and along pathways during walks from my apartment to the school studio. Magnifying glasses were provided for viewers who were encouraged to open the jars and investigate the contents.

The wall piece was made of 20 clippings of different kinds of buds that were collected, over two weeks, from a variety of trees growing along the areas I walked. The clippings were brought to the studio and encouraged to begin budding weeks before they would have outdoors. The piece changed daily in the gallery as the buds opened, becoming different kinds of flowers and/or leaves.

The circle represents the cycle of life.

Artist Residency at Svenska Konstskolans i Nykarleby Vanner. Exhibition at Rahuset Gallery, Nykarleby, Finland, 2001