Wild Fire explores and examines the effects of forest fires at two fire sites in the Kelowna area.

The installation occupies approximately 80 square feet and utilizes materials gathered at the sites and a sensor activated looping audio tape.

Viewers are encouraged to interact with the work by taking glass jars out of a large standing box, that has been sectioned off into cubby holes that are lined with pine needles.

The jars hold materials from the site: ashes; pieces of bark, roots, branches; stones.

A ten foot twisted charcoal shard of a tree mimics a drawn line and entices a closer look, while a blackened stump sits in the corner like a giant claw.

Pieces of hollowed out, burned roots are suspended from the ceiling and gently move as viewers pass by them.

The sound of slow, quiet breathing is activated when the viewer steps in to the installation space.

Alternator Gallery, Kelowna, BC, 1998