Anthenaeum Arbori

Anthenaeum: a sacred gathering place for learning and the learned; a sanctuary temple, a library, for the advancement of learning; a sacred building for Athena the goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill
Arbori: tree

Anthanaeum Arbori is a three part project that creates a connection directly from, and metaphorically between, the residents and the building to Mount Seymour and to a specific first growth Douglas fir tree. The tree chosen will be accessible to residents and visitors. This single tree symbolizes all trees and will be honoured in each of the parts of the project.

A shadow – silhouette – of a first growth Douglas fir tree is cast onto the building above the main entrance. This tree shadow not only speaks of site memory and the sacred groves of ancient Douglas fir that once stood there, but it also references the Tree of Life. The tree shadow metaphorically transforms the building into a place of transition – a place between heaven and earth. It also marks the location of the Pacific Arbour project creating a landmark in the area that becomes a wayfinding tool.

Project Public Art Proposal for Pacific Arbor, Seymour Senior’s Residence, North Vancouver, BC 2011