Sister Deck Bundle: Alchemy Flower Oracle and Eco Heart Oracle

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The sister deck bundle: the Alchemy Flower Oracle to receive messages from Flowers and the Eco Heart Oracle to receive messages from the Animal, Plant, Insect and Spirit worlds.

Receive these intuitive tools:

• 48 card Alchemy Flower Oracle deck with printed 60 page guidebook with links to guided meditations, journal prompts and other dowloads.

• 48 card Eco Heart Oracle deck with printed 60 page guidebook

Both decks are printed on beautiful high quality 300 gsm card stock. The Flower Oracle comes packaged in a gorgeous rigid paper box with lid. The Eco Heart Oracle is packaged in a full colour tuck box.

Oracle cards are a quick and easy way to access your own intuition. There are people who pull a card every morning to set intentions for the day, while others use them to receive guidance and help with challenges or issues. Pulling a card and using it as a writing or journaling prompt is a great way to connect to your intuition and do some guided writing. There is no right, or wrong way to use an oracle deck. Over time your deck will become attuned to your energy, especially if you work with it on a regular basis. Yes! It's okay to give an oracle deck as a gift!


Thank you Ingrid! Very spot on and exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Thank you for the extra cards. I’ve been feeling very conflicted and the ancestor card makes sense. Thank you for the guidance.