Ceres Circle Farm

Excavation: Ceres Circle Farm was exhibited at the Alternator Gallery in Kelowna, British Columbia and was based on a thirty-seven acre farm in southern Kelowna. 

Viewers were encouraged to visit the site and follow a pathway that had been cleared through five acres of marsh area. The path took them through stands of trees, across open fields and over creeks, and took viewers around the parameter of the marsh. If they chose to take one of the smaller paths, made by deer, they would have found a woven enclosure linking two deer paths together.

The gallery contained items found while working at the site and included: bones, fur, bird skeletons, feathers, shells, deer track castings and natural materials presented in containers, or directly on the gallery walls. Magnifying glasses were provided at the gallery for viewers as was a map of the site and directions on how to get there.

Digital photographs, printed on frosted mylar, introduced the viewer to the gallery space. Small containers mounted underneath the photographs contained natural materials that could be found were the viewer to visit the site.

Excavation: Ceres Circle Farm
, Alternator Gallery, Kelowna, BC, 1999