Hi, I’m Ingrid Koivukangas

I’m an award winning environmental artist, co-creator of Alchemy Farm, teacher, intuitive guide, writer, Master Organic Gardener, Herbalist in Training, and a few other things. 

But at the heart of it, I’m a creator. 

I’ve been making things my whole life—from being in my first art exhibit and writing my first story at seven, to becoming a graphic designer and then international artist and professor, to creating oracle decks and growing flowers for bees and pollinators. For me, the process of creation, of being a conduit for magic, is everything. 

My work has taught me that we are all intuitive and carry gifts that allow us to connect to the beauty of Nature and the unknown world of mystery, which leads to our own true selves. I share some of my methods here on my website and hope they resonate for you, so you can find your way forward to awareness and inner peace.


My work is about helping people step into their deep connections to Nature and access their intuition to discover their own truths. Through my oracle decks, courses, books, speeches and workshops, I share my journey of transformation working with Nature, and I inspire seekers to step into their sacred connections to the Earth and their authentic selves. 

I’ve created the Alchemy Flower and Eco Heart Oracles, intuitive tools that help you receive messages from your higher self and the natural world. 

I live on Salt Spring Island with my husband, Robin, and can be found in the gardens tending flowers, marvelling at visiting bees and pollinators, or dreaming up new projects in the studio.

Her official CV is here.