Alchemy Flower Oracle
48 Card Oracle based on flowers grown at Alchemy Farm on Salt Spring Island. Access your intuition and connections to the natural world thru messages from flowers. 

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The Alchemy Flower Oracle creates connections between the world of flowers and the messages they carry. Each card includes the common and Latin name and a short one line meaning that along with the imagery gives you various ways to access your own intuition. 
I believe that we are all deeply intuitive. This deck is meant to be used as a way to begin communicating with the natural world and flowers that carry messages that your intuition can interpret and understand. The cards are a healing tool to help you explore your connections to yourself and the world around you. 
The guidebook includes directions on using the oracle and also gives deeper meanings for each flower card and includes the same basic information as the card plus the traditional meaning for each flower as well as the deeper meaning, the message from the flower that I receive during deep meditation. Some of the cards include journal prompts, exercises or links to digital guided meditations.
I am a visual artist, photographer and a professional graphic designer as well as flower farmer, healer, teacher and writer. All of my skills have come together to create the Alchemy Flower Oracle. The artwork for each card begins with flowers I planted, grew and then photographed as they bloomed. (We grow over 200 types of flowers - it was challenging only choosing 48 of them!) These photographs are the beginning of the digital artwork for each of the cards. The artwork for the deck was created over the course of a year and a half.
Oracle cards are a quick and easy way to access your own intuition. There are people who pull a card every morning to set intentions for the day, while others use them to receive guidance and help with challenges or issues. Pulling a card and using it as a writing or journaling prompt is a great way to connect to your intuition and do some guided writing. There is no right, or wrong way to use an oracle deck. Over time your deck will become attuned to your energy, especially if you work with it on a regular basis.
Yes! It's okay to give an oracle deck as a gift!

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