Conversations with Mother Earth

The guided meditations, the channeling, for the Alchemy Flower Oracle have deeply touched me. The messages from Spirit, from Mother Earth, are humbling–I am still processing them. I have begun to believe that these messages should not only be available, in condensed form, to Alchemy Flower Oracle deck owners. They need to be available to everyone who feels called to hear their messages. So I am writing a book that brings together my work as an environmental artist, flower farmer and oracle deck creator. 

Conversations with Mother Earth: The Journey to Alchemy Farm, shares the Alchemy Flower Oracle messages, interwoven with parts of my journey as an environmental artist and oracle deck creator working with deep intuition and Spirit to bring messages of healing forward. I invite you to follow along and join in on this next part of the journey–the journey to healing, to reconnecting to the Earth. 


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