Raft is a site specific sculpture is located at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George. The work incorporates a pathway that was hand-cleared to the site from the the top of the hill that lies to the north of the site — the natural materials cleared for the pathway were used to line and define it. This pathway leads to a small clearing ringed with poplar trees, in the centre of the clearing are three old and large windfall trees — logs — that have formed an irregular triangular shape where they have fallen.

The Raft is approximately 6 feet by 9 feet and was built on top of these fallen trees/logs and was made of windfall poplar, birch and fir trees foraged from the surrounding forest. These logs were then lashed together with natural rope that will eventually decay and become part of the clearing itself.

BC Festival of the Arts, University of Northern BC, Prince George, BC, 1998