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Alchemy Farm has been our home and my studio since 2015. Here, with my husband Robin, I've been able to work on a long term eco project creating a sustainable haven for bees and pollinators on our 10 acre farm. My practice has been deeply embedded in this land and I continue to co-create with the energies here. I am writing a book about our journey and the deep ways the land has changed us.

I welcome invitations to lead workshops and to create new environmental works; private and public art projects in response to sites and the memories and messages they hold.

I offer workshops and corporate day retreats at our farm to guide people to reconnect to Nature and their deep intuition.

In my practice as an environmental artist I create new work in response to sites, integrating new media & new technology - creating permanent public works, site specific installation, intervention, ephemeral sculpture, video, sound, web, photography, printmaking, painting & drawing.

Environmental Art & Public Art Projects

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Eco Heart Radio: Reconnect to Nature

Join us on a journey tof discovery to the world of flowers, plants and nature to acces messages from Spirit and the Earth.


Welcome to the Shop

I created the Eco Heart and Alchemy Flower Oracles to help seekers connect to their deep intuition and messages from flowers and the natural world.

We will soon be offering limited edition magical creations from Alchemy Farm and our exclusive partners.

Messages from the Garden

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