flowers bring the world into being

Tune into Your Intuition, to the Messages of Flowers, to Reconnect to Nature and Create Change in the World

Welcome to a Place Where You Can Learn ways to Reconnect to Nature

And Discover ways of Healing and Flourishing with Mother Earth

Hello, my name is Ingrid

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After taking your course I realize that I'm very intuitive but wasn't aware of it. I will trust myself more now—thank you!


Ingrid's cards and readings are like no other I've had. Her Eco Heart Oracle and Alchemy Flower Oracle decks have a beautiful energy, and getting a reading using these decks is not only enlightening but also like a loving hug. The flower meditation that Ingrid provides keeps the high vibration, loving energy going long after the reading is over.


A magical experience! I loved discovering the beauty & energy of the flowers, oracle cards and the flower music meditation.


Ingrid was so generously shared her knowledge of all the flowers with me and then showed me how to work with them.


Thank you so much for this beautiful experience! I will never forget the colours, scents and sounds of this magical garden!


Reconnect to Wonder

To Remember Your Sacred Connections to the Earth and all Her Beings

The Bio Energy of Flowers

Listen to the Music of Flowers

Go on a Virtual Tour of the Alchemy Farm  Flower Music Garden

Are You Searching for Some Quick Intuitive Guidance? 

Try the Alchemy Flower Oracle, or Sister Deck, the Eco Heart Oracle for Messages from Spirit

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Messages from Spirit

Alchemy Flower Oracle and Eco Heart Oracle

I believe we are all deeply intuitive and connected to the world of Spirit and Nature.

Each of us has the inherent right and ability to receive messages from the unseen world.

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Oracle Decks and Oracle Readings

Messages from Flowers

The Alchemy Flower Oracle

Based on 48 flowers grown at Alchemy Farm. Each card creates connections from the world of flowers and the messages they carry. The cards are a healing tool to help you explore your connections to the world around you.


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Friday Oracle Readings on Instagram

Every Friday I share intuitive messages from the Alchemy Flower Oracle or the Eco Heart Oracle on our Alchemy Farm Instagram account—come and follow along at @alchemyfarmstudio or signup to receive weekly readings by email.

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Discover People Creating Change in the World

A podcast journey to the world of flowers, plants and nature to access messages from Spirit and the Earth. Join me as I host special guests creating change in the world, changemakers, artists, intuitives and more. Plus I'll share stories from Alchemy Farm!


Flower Magic: Invite the Energy of Flowers into Your Life

After five years of creating a flower farm that is also home to the thousands of flowers, bees, pollinators, oracle decks and other magical undertakings, I've decided to share what I've learned to help you create your own paradise!

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